Waterfall at Jewel of Changi, Singapore

In part 2 we will be building a dotnet CLI tool which follows the CQRS and Mediator patterns to auto generate commands, queries, responses and handlers in the domain layer using Roslyn API for code generation. Git Repo



The most glaring challenge of the CQRS pattern is to overcome the number of classes a developer is required to create and can become cumbersome when constantly creating queries, commands, handlers, and…

This post looks at why I chose the CQRS and mediator patterns, which libraries to use, multi-layered project structure, setup and how to apply them in a microservice context. Git Repo



But why though I hear you ask? Having worked with bloated domain classes where multiple functions are used to modify state and implement domain rules became increasingly difficult to debug, extend and review. Often I found that a business…

Armand Jordaan

A dynamic and creative full stack software developer with 7+ years of experience based in South Africa. https://www.linkedin.com/in/armandjordaan/

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