A chance of a lifetime. One of the most frightening, yet exciting photo projects I was privileged to work on.

With the L’Osservatore Romano photographers

Iconic images of Pope Francis are being captured by L’Osservatore Romano photographer Francesco Sforza almost daily. His unique position as the “Vatican’s Photographer” is a tough job, one that calls for a high level of professionalism, discernment, and anticipation, to say the least. I had no business shooting by his side.

Still, on October 12, 2017 I was given special permission to photograph Pope Francis during the centenary celebration of the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. I would be alongside…

“We discovered we were communicating only to ourselves and not to the world.” — Rev. Michael Perry, OFM

The quote is from the Minister General of the Franciscans, today’s successor to Francis of Assisi, after announcing the launch of their revamped website in 2017. One year later the results show that they have multiplied their website visits and social media fans using basic tools, a little creativity, and a small budget to enhance their online presence and global awareness. …

Armando Arauz

I’m a visual storyteller who loves photography and design. Currently, I am a Marketing Manager for a leading property management company in Toronto, Canada.

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