5 reasons to buy a luxury chalet in Valais, Switzerland

Valais and a chalet — this is a combination that can only mean comfort, exciting ski winters, magnificent sights and incomparable luxury.

Although a chalet, from the language Arpitan, originally meant a herder’s castle, its meaning has now changed. With the change of modern lifestyle, those old mountain huts used by cattle breeders to tend their herds high in the mountains during summers — they are not what they used to be. Today, chalets are either converted or newly built holiday homes that might or might not follow the style of the traditional Swiss chalet. Villas called chalets can even be found at the seaside, but still, the original romance is not gone — to most people, a chalet evokes pictures of snowy slopes, relaxation, adventure and warm fires at the fall of night.

Chalets are associated with Switzerland ant its age-old beauty. Switzerland and its portion of the magnificent Alps are maybe the world’s most famous winter tourist destination, attracting persons of global consequence as well as celebrities from the artistic and sports spheres — the true “top of the world”. Accommodation there — rented or for sale — maintains standards of style, comfort and luxury to add to the unforgettable experiences on the picturesque ski routes.

Valais is a canton in the southwest of Switzerland, one of the twenty-six member states , or cantons, of the Swiss Confederation. Valais comprises some of the best skiing and tourism sites in the world, and some more are in its vicinity. Here is why, according to https://eden-immobilier.ch, Valais is a region worth considering for any prospective property buyer who seeks comfort and luxury along with exciting leisure time.

The Matterhorn

This name rings a bell, even for those who are no winter scenery and ski lovers. The Matterhorn is a peak in the Swiss Alps, Canton of Valais, near the Swiss town of Zermatt. It looks like a pyramid, although of course not a perfect one, and its four sides face the four geographical directions. The four ridges that separate the four sides are called Hornli, Furggen, Leone and Zmutt. Alpinists use these ridges to ascend to the peak, Hornli being the easiest.

The grand shape of the towering Matterhorn is an extremely popular image and symbol. As a climbing destination, it remained unconquered for longer than most Alps great peaks. Its 4478 meters daunted alpinists until the 1860’s, when an expedition finally reached the top.

Edward Whymper and the end of the Golden age of alpinism

When he finally made it to the top of the Matterhorn, Englishman Edward Whymper was only 25 years old. He made 7 unsuccessful attempts before he finally managed the climb. Today’s normal route, along the Hornli ridge, is the one which Whymper used and found to be the easiest of all.

Whymper had six more companions, among whom two Swiss guides -father and son, a French guide, and one inexperienced climber, Douglas Hadow. The party reached the summit while another expedition was about 400 meters below them and gave up their attempt, believing there was no hope for them being winners. After an hour spent at the top, Whymper’s party started to descend. This route back brought the accident which is considered to be “the end of the Golden age of Alpinism — a period of 10 years. According to recollections of the expedition members, it was the inexperienced climber, Hadow, who brought about the disaster. While receiving help from the French guide, Hadow slipped, started falling and knocked the Frenchman over. These two men and their weight pulled the other two below them off the face of the mountain. Fortunately for Whymper and the two Swiss father and son guides, the rope between the elder Swiss and the falling men broke. Later, there were suspicions that that rope might have been cut in an attempt of the father to save himself and his son. However, the investigation proved that the rope was old and worn and it broke naturally.

The Hornli ridge is now marked and made easier for adventurers, but it must be remembered that the Matterhorn is among the deadliest mountains in the world. An average of 10 people die every year on its slopes, and often their remains are never found, or found years later.

John Ruskin, the noted English philosopher and nature lover, had his own strange attraction for the Matterhorn. He did not like it when he saw it for the first time; yet he returned again and again and left sketches and descriptions of the sheer peak, calling it “the most noble cliff in Europe.


Zermatt and the Matterhorn go together. This Swiss town is the starting and ending point of the Matterhorn climbs. The view of the Matterhorn dominates the sky in Zermatt as its emblematic symbol.

Zermatt is not too large, its population is just under 6000, but there are usually twice as many people there at any time due to its popularity as a tourist seat. After Edward Whymper’s expedition, the place was recognized as a convenient starting point of many climbs or ski routes. The infrastructure and accommodation respond to the needs of the incoming visitors. There are apartments or villas to stay in, cable cars and chairlifts to help skiers, and convenient transport. One curious fact is that combustion engines are not allowed in Zermatt. There are electrical taxis, and electrical mini buses shuttling hotel guests. There are also horse drawn carriages as taxis or for hire, and an airport. Zermat has a helicopter service, too, which also provides mountain rescue operations.

Skiing in Zermatt


Verbier is smaller than Zermatt, with half the population, which makes it a village. Verbier has great skiing opportunities and is best known for its off-piste skiing. If you climb up to Mont Fort, above 3000 meters, you will ski with the magnificent Matterhorn in sight. The village offers ski and snowboard lessons is its special schools. Even in summers too warm for any winter sports, there is a lot to do in Verbier. There are planty of hiking trails, swimming and golf facilities, paragliding, badminton. Verbier is also home to an International classical music festival, which lasts almost 3 weeks in the summer.

Verbier is a popular destination among celebrities, businessmen and especially royalty. The names of famous visitors or residents include Richard Branson, Diana Ross, Prince William’s family, Prince Harry.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, Lac Leman, or Genferzee inspired the creating of the Frankenstein the 18th century, when Mary and Percy Shelley and Lord Byron often holidayed by its shores, writing ghost stories for amusement. Lake Geneva is the biggest lake in Switzerland, shaped like a crescent. It is formed by the river Rhone, the two horns of the crescent looking south. The north bow is about 95 kilometers long. The place is magical, tranquil and peaceful, combining fresh air, water facilities and great landscapes. Yachting is a popular sport at the lake. Lake Geneva, like Verbier and St Moritz, has attracted many prominent personalities through the years. Charli Chaplin lived and died there, and his last home in Vevey is now a museum. Vladimir Lenin would often stay and work there, renting a chalet. David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Phil Collins are among the musicians who own or owned residences there. Michael Schumacher, the top Formula 1 pilot recuperating from a bad incident, lives by the shores of Lake Geneva. The shores and the vicinity of the lake offer great sites for sports and holiday residences.


Saas-Fee is close to the peaks Dom and Allalinhorn and is also a very popular tourist destination. The summer is the preferred season for climbing, often up the Lenzspitze or the Nadelhorn. Winters, apart from skiing, offer snowboarding, ice climbing, canyon climbing, snowshoe trekking. If you are not a skier by nature, you could engage in paragliding, hang gliding, tobogganing.

Saas-Fee is a really small village — population fewer than 2000 — with many of its residents being in fact foreign nationals. Like in Zermatt, transport within the village is allowed only to electric vehicles. Despite its unimpressive size, Saas-Fee boasts rich cultural life. Visitors can enjoy classical music, nightclubs and restaurants. One of the restaurants, the revolving one, located at a height of 3500 meters, is the highest of its kind in the world. Revolving restaurants have a circular inner platform which turns slowly, but the building itself does not move.

Valais has enough hidden in its magnificent nature to make it worth looking out for a residence there. Saas-Fee, Verbier, Lake Geneva, Zermatt and the Matterhorn, and many more picturesque and exciting places, make Valais a popular destination, part-time or full time, according to https://eden-immobilier.ch/. Apartments, villas or chalets of all sizes can be found within the towns and villages, as well as in their close vicinity. Swiss stylishness and perfection has kept those buildings in great shape and very well equipped for the challenges of mountain life.

Eden Immobilier is a company based in Martigny, Valais, and has on offer various kinds of properties, for rent or for sale. There are properties that have been fully renovated, or properties which the customer may choose to do up according to their own preferences. Villas, maisons, apartments, luxury Swiss chalets, or plots of land await their new owners at reasonable prices. Eden Immobilier aims to guide their customers through the whole process, starting from viewings, selection, assessment, professional advice before and after any deal.

Customized searches may be conducted as Eden Immobilier has its thorough database of properties on sale throughout Switzerland. Within Valais only, Eden Immobilier has something good to offer in places like Saxon, Savièse, Monthey, Verbier, Martigny, Crans Montana, Sion, Conthey and more.

For example, an authentic chalet with great views of the mountain slopes is priced at 350 000 CHF. The building is really old, dating maybe as far back as the 1850s. There are two proper floors and a basement floor, stables, a stone wine cellar. The property is located in Troistorrents.

On the other hand, an example of a real luxury property is a villa in the village of Fully with six bedrooms, a large living room, wonderful garden, 4-space parking lot, fireplaces, convenient communication facilities and transport. The property is priced 1 050 000 CHF and is worth it. The building was last renovated in 2009 and does not need much else to become a cozy family dwelling amidst fresh air and various opportunities for sport and entertainment.

Eden Immobilier also offers properties which are still a project. Again in Fully, a 3-bedroom, 2-floor villa is about to be built according to the very latest construction trends to create atmosphere, luxury, comfort and of course, warmth during the winter of the Alps. The property is planned as a terrace looking south, with two parking spaces. It is priced 850 000 CHF.

For those who need a home as well as a business place, there is a house with a commercial first floor In Martigny-Bourg. The first floor could also serve as a garage, washing room, storage, playroom, or whatever the new owner decides is best. The attic with its slanting ceiling holds the convenient kitchen. Skiing is easily accessible, 25 minutes away, and there is a highway only 2 minutes away from the property.

Eden Immobilier, a company native to Valais, a prominent ski region in the Swiss Alps, will be delighted to help their clients find their new ideal home, villa, maison, apartment, plot, or Swiss-style chalet. The company’s website, https://eden-immobilier.ch/, lists their offers and welcomes any questions clients may have. The properties range from authentic, old ones in need of repairs, to fully renovated and maintained properties. Each client’s specific needs and requirements are taken into consideration to provide the best service and utter satisfaction.

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