Imagine the situation you have just finished the nursing school, with a freshly baked license it feels like every door you approach will open and your dreams of perfect job place will finally come true. The reality is different, obtaining a good job place with a good, updated nursing resume 2017 is not a rocket science, however, even the most experience ones can stumble across some obstacles along the way. It is hard not to feel anxious about all the perspectives you cannot miss and future benefits you should not lose.

Taking into account the latest trends that has modified drastically how RN resume format 2017 looks and how it’s prepared you should be absolutely ready to prepare for all possible pitfalls and challenges the employers will create for you. Your task is to crack the barriers and figure out the tricks that will shorten your way to desired position because medicine is probably one of the most fruitful media for building a brilliant career. The interview is the only opportunity that you get to show off strongest features of your personality as a nurse. So if you took the time to prepare the procedure won’t consume so much nerve cells and time to sort the things out with your potential employer.

Now that you have a license as a proof of your qualifications the interviever will look at you from the different angle, focusing mostly on your ability to present yourself and evaluating your interpersonal skills, if the HR catches a glimpse of you as a disorganized, unreliable and unprepared candidate, you may blow all your chances at becoming a nurse.

Relax and go through a 10 question quiz to find out if you can be the lucky one:

Nursing Jobs 2017: Career Overlook

The median salary of a clinical nurse specialist in 2016 was $76,209 and rn salary 2017 is expected to experience a great growth as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nurses will definitely see a 19% increase in demand by 2022. The demand can really be stunning and incredibly high, especially overwhelming it can be in certain most popular nursing specialties.

Here you can see the relevant data featuring Employees with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree median salary according to the job, it suggests us the the family nurse practitioner (NP) is one of the most earning specialty with competitive median salary over $89,000 a year:

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