Photo taken at Walter Haas Park — San Francisco by Armando Duran

So I came for my morning walk where I am able to ground. Remove my shoes and step on the grass. I think it is very very important that we go back to being in contact with the earth. The shoe is probably the worst invention. You probably have heard that, but if not, think about it.

The earth possesses an incredible ability to heal us from anything. It helps with inflammation, it helps with the stress levels. You feel so relaxed. This is why when you go to the beach you feel great.

And there’s been studies by Clinton…

I am pretty excited about embarking on a new journey. One that I know with all my being that will bring a lot of meaning to my life as it is right now.

I have been becoming a minimalist over a few years now. The desire to document my progress in life as I incorporate the minimalist life style has probably been there since I first read about it a few years ago from some of the minimalists like Colin Wright, Joshua and Brian from The Minimalists and also from Joshua Becker.

This story is going to be yet another…

Never underestimate them!

You’ve heard about habits over and over. There’s quite a number of books, apps and websites that revolve around the subject. It is something so simple, yet I believe it is greatly underestimated.

Even without having read any of the books on habits, most of us have at least made a habit part of our life. The first one I can think of is the habit of doing my bed in the morning.

There is quite a number of habits and types of habits. I think that in essence, a habit is something that is done repeated times over a…

If you you are biking. That is.

I’ve driven many times on the highway. But when it comes to biking, I normally bike on roads where there are barely cars. As I bike mostly in Montana, the views are great! The appreciation for nature is unique. And I rarely see cars passing me that don’t give a proper space for the biker (me).

Yesterday I had many thoughts as I found myself realizing that when you do bike on a highway, your (biking) road gets REALLY narrow. This forced me to sharpen my focus on the road which became, all of a sudden, a couple…

Armando’s Keyboard

This makes a lot of sense to me. In fact I just realized I’ve been doing this somehow without knowing about this peace of advice from The Minimalists as I read in their post titled “11 WAYS TO WRITE BETTER” the following:

30% composition, 70% editing. For every hour you spend writing, spend three hours editing, shaping your work into something more concise, more powerful — more beautiful. Writing truly is rewriting.

What this means to me is that I will be able to factor my time of writing in terms of less time. …

Don’t we all want to feel like at home when we come to a restaurant?

I’ve never thought about the idea if writing here while I wait. For some reason I have always written on Medium while I am on the computer. This actually feels better than responding to text messages on the different social media platforms and apps that these days inundate our (smart) phones.

This perhaps will finally enable me to go back to writing everyday. …

Breaking Trail towards Electric Peak, Montana

In case you don’t feel like reading too much of this story, you may want to scroll down and watch the 4 minute video that pretty much summarizes the whole experience.

There is something to say about stepping on snow. At least for me, it has always been a feeling like walking in a fancy carpet. I must say that I enjoy the sound of the snow as my feet compact it in each step.

And talking about stepping on snow. I realized that I could do more snowshoeing in the winter, this would be the best way to be…

Electric Peak, Montana

A question often asked that may not be what you want to answer when it comes to describing to others about yourself and about what you like in life.

As I am trying to get more into writing this evening, I decided to get a bit of inspiration first. I think that before you write something meaningful you have to be convinced and excited that what you have to say is important.

Over a few years now I have been practicing minimalism. It has been quite an experience that has changed my life, perhaps not in big ways, but in…

The time you spend is well worth it.

There is one thing that can motivate you to stop and contemplate nature, even if it is for just a few seconds: IT. IS. FREE!

I remember when I lived in a big city that my life became a very busy life. I was born in a small town and this in a way allowed me to be at peace if nothing too exciting was happening. I was able to see and learn, by contrast, how life was in a big city of 24 million people: Mexico City.

You can get…

As I get more surprised every day by the new ways ads interrupt me while I browse the internet, I think more about the fate that, a wonderful invention like TV, suffered when it became merely an outlet of control, interruption and entertainment.

There is nothing wrong with entertainment, but to be honest, we need to stop and ponder in detail about what is offered on TV that is for the betterment and enlightenment of humanity.

Take for example the news, most stories are about negative things that are happening in the world. Are there good news, no doubt.


Armando Duran

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