And truly, “I did it, so everyone should be able to do it,” is the worst, most simplistic form of American bootstrap conservatism. Go work for the Ted Cruz campaign or something.
A self-righteous open letter to people who write self-righteous open letters to people who write…

I think that there’s a slight difference, that most people cannot see or understand: you can do exactly whatever you want, BUT you don’t have to do that exactly the same way and here is where the most people struggle!

Oh, you want to become the CEO of a company just after leaving the college? Fine, you CAN do that. It might be easier for ones and harder for others! You might achieve it in a week or in a whole life, or not even achieve it, but the point here is: if you do not try it, as hard as you can, you’ll never be able to know if you can really reach your goals or not!

I’ve seen so many people with the “top 10 list to be successful” and damn it, that is so wrong! All those listings and hacks and tips are wrong, because the author wrote by with their self-knowledge base and their self cognitive-emotional-cultural structure and well, I can’t probably be successful on starting a business without a minimum knowledge of doing that (that probably the author had when he wrote), well, but that SHOULD NOT stop anyone from learning and then finally, open their own business, for example! Yeah, you might have to give it one more step to achieve! Or ten steps, or even a whole life walking, but you should never stop.

Oh, just to point out: that doesn’t always means that by the end of your journey will result in success, but well, the certainty of “no” or “not having it” you already have, then why not jump it and take some risks?

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