The role of a design professional is to facilitate the creative process and invite others to participate and contribute in the best way they can.
Everyone thinks they’re a designer…
Aaron Benjamin

Facilitating the creative process and getting input from all the participants of the project is definitely an important step of design process but it’s also a tricky one.

Your boss probably wouldn’t know much about the brand and colour theory and your marketing team would probably look at the logo as a single component, ignoring the hierarchy of the interface.

My job as a designer is to understand why they are leaning toward the blue or what makes them think we need more “pop”. The real issue is often hidden somewhere else and it’s the designer’s job to dig that out.

It’s true that designers are problem solvers but that does not make everyone designer by nature just because they solve problems in their daily lives.

Designers are visual communicators and visual communication design is a language people need to study and learn by practicing, just like any other language. So I think all the design professional needs to do is asking the right question and then lead the conversation to get a better insight of the project and user views. The final decision however should still made by the designer who understands the brand, the demographic, their behavior, their culture, their emotional response and a million other things they studied and practiced to become a designer.

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