Why I Hated Transformer 4: Age of Extinction

I gotta say it’s easy for me to hate a movie or show. But if I do it’s probably because it really sucks. Stay tuned for the longest list of shit movies. Probably, I don’t know we’ll see.

The fourth film in the Transformers series really disappointed me even though I saw it coming. Overall the movie felt like a parody of the original three films. A bad parody.

When You Lose A Main Actor

For starters I completely hate when series films decides it’s a good idea to continue without the same actor. Happened to Batman, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbledore… wait the original actor died.. and I like the new one…

But not all films can pull this off. It really matters on the entire tone and importance of the character. Shia Lebouf was our guy in the Transformer series. You can’t just expect viewers to forget.

If these atrocious film makers still want to milk the series then just make it clear the new movie is separated from the original. Make it completely different and pull it off.

The Movie Is Bipolar

Every single scene had a different tone and style to it. Was it a drama, a comedy, a military dense action film, a story about space, or about the transformers. PICK ONE and go with it sheesh.

Oh and by the way Michael Bay, I see the sneaky moves you’re pulling here. Unlike the first film with Megan you had to pretend you didn’t shoot the lens with you’re peeping tom angles.

Goats Screaming Appeal To My Ears Better

Have you ever heard a goat screaming? Best thing ever.

Anyways the soundtrack was abysmal. Simply terrible. The music and effects can make a big difference in how we feel when watching something. Why do you think horror movies (good ones)barely have any music? Music controls our emotions. You would think the experts in Hollywood would know this. WRONG.

The List

Remember when Wahlberg tried to be Darth Vader?

Really… cars are no flying and doing BMX style tricks. LAME.

The best friend (who was actually funny) burns and his bones remain standing. But no one seems to care.

The “bad guys” we’re really BAD.

What’s with the damn family drama, is this a soap opera or a Transformers or what! Just pick something!

Marky Mark’s has got some Mr. Miyagi Crane moves. Balancing on them wires sniping alien creature with a super powered alien gun that happened to be his size.

The new autobots were kind cool but not really. Too forced didn’t let them naturally be cool.

The Only Thing I Liked

I suppose I liked the way the film questioned our existence. “You believe you were born. You were created!” Maybe same goes for us. Maybe not. But probably does and not in the religious sense. Unless you’re religious..

What do you think? Was it a good movie?

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