Boom or Bloom?

Not two people are exactly the same in mannerism and behavior. So what is it that makes every individual different? What is the reason behind one chap being a ‘gel-well’ and loquacious and another being completely reticent? Why is it that after capturing a point some can talk about it endlessly while others just hesitate to speak out, whilst both might have registered the point quite similarly?

Most of us are aware of the different kind of personalities that exist and the kind we fall into. Each person looks at the world through his/her own kaleidoscope. I’ll limit to the part where Introverts and Extroverts are taken into account. For some, it’s relatively easy to be articulate because they have been so since the time they became self-aware. Others find it difficult to even approach people and so, build a small cocoon in which they shell themselves. These are the kind of people who may be extremely talented (not that I’m suggesting that talkative people are just plain-jane! I myself would fall into the voluble kind) and it may take them more time than others to venture out of their shells. Finally when they do, the world beholds their creativity and expression. It may take a while for the introverts to first settle their inner doubts and present themselves to the outside. Their Bloom might be similar to the rare flowers — so beautiful, yet taking time to reach the pinnacle.

Nothing in this world comes easy! Whether it’s one category of people on this side of the balance of garrulous or the other kind of the laconic on the other side, it’s a wild wild world!! Every person has to struggle through to find a meaning and purpose in life. The formative years of life may be ideal to develop. School and College years mostly chisel the person we are. They are the stepping stones of our budding. But guess what? It is never too late to learn! Personality traits can be altered. It isn’t always necessary though. Uniqueness is what separates one individual from the other and makes him/her beautiful.

Ultimately, every person booming or blooming makes a mark in their lifetime. This planet takes into account the deeds of every individual. And like the planet doing what it was meant to and creating an influence, each one leaves a footprint in the sands of time.

Finally we come to the question- Who do you think makes it in the world- a Boomer or a Bloomer? Feel free to pour in remarks.


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