Reduce Liability Risks with a Custom Pier

Every landowner with waterfront property can expect visits from friends, family, and coworkers, especially in warm weather. Owners may invite people over, or they may be volunteered to host the weekend barbecue. Guests will bring the food and the drinks in exchange for easy water access. Uninvited or not, people on the property increase liability risks.

Reduce Risks

Liability risks are an issue for any property owner in any setting, but there are additional risks when dealing with waterfront property. One of those is the way people get from the house to the water. Tripping on uneven terrain, getting feet cut on rocks, or slipping on the dock can end up costing owners a small fortune in insurance claims. Along with medical claims, a lawsuit may also be pending given the litigious culture of today.

Custom piers and docks can drastically reduce those risks. An even walking surface, accessibility for visitors with mobility issues, and a sturdy structure can help people get to the water unscathed. Traditional wooden docks are beautiful, but are also prone to warping, splintering, and cracking. That defeats the meaning of safe passage.

A Better Material

The use of one-hundred percent aluminum provides the same beautiful appearance with virtually zero maintenance and deterioration. The custom Lifetime Classic Pier, made by summerset marine, is one example. It will not peel, warp, or rot like wood does. The result is a clear and durable way to get from the house to the lake. Owners work with designers to create the style and look they desire.

An option for bays and sheltered areas is the All Seasons Pier that’s custom made by the same company. Customization allows for flexibility of colors, patterns, dimensions, and angles. Any terrain can be by-passed and replaced with a smooth and safe surface. A custom pier is also perfect for docking boats and other water vessels without worrying about rocky shores scratching or damaging the watercraft.

Other Structures

Custom design and construction of boat lifts is also offered. Products from other leading manufacturers, such as Pier Pleasure, are also available for installation. Multiple boats, several canoes, or a few kayaks can be accommodated with the best lift and pier options on the market in one place.

Services are available as well. Installation and removal of piers and lifts, marine salvage, and mobile lift services are offered. Maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance can help property owners get the most fun and relaxation from piers. Whether legs have to be adjusted or the lift needs a new cover, services are provided to take care of all marine needs.