BREXIT, Much Ado for pretty much nothing: When it’s becoming too Vaudeville.

Many months now that the leavers have won the referendum, putting Britain on the way-out of EU but so far questions have been raised with little or pretty much no answer or at least no guarantee.

The rights of EU citizens to stay in the UK after the article 50 is triggered have been at the centre of the political debate lately with the government defeated by the Lords’ amendment. Britain is few steps away from rewriting European Union’s history by leaving the bloc and with hundreds of thousands EU citizens already living in the UK, the question raised is what their fate will be once the leaving process is activated? The Government stated their right would remain unaffected while the UK remains a member of the European Union. A vague promise with sparks fear among the EU nationals leaving in the UK.

They have come to live and work in the UK, they hugely contributed to the country economy and culturally, and their contribution is significant. They are integrated, they have families in the UK, they have worked and paid taxes, therefore they are everything but second zone citizens as the Brexit is trying to picture them.

Neither Britons leaving in the EU, nor EU nationals leaving here in the UK will be happy with politicians toying with their lives. It is one thing to negotiate a good deal for Britain, which is crucial and critical, but is another to make hundreds of people’s life a bargain chip to do so.

Theresa May needs to take onboard Brexit concerns as kicking out EU migrants could only have dire consequences on UK economy for the simple reason that Britain will suffer to replace the migrant labour.

No need to say that Britain’s crucial sectors of the economy which depend on EU migrant labour will be endangered, thus jeopardizing the vibrancy of the country economy if changes are not well directed in a responsible and reasonable way.

Moreover, Brexit will not automatically mean Immigration worries are over as UK will still need immigration input to boost its economy.

Reality is we can’t go back and against the nation’s will. This would not simply be democracy and the deed is done and it won’t help crying over spilled milk. Therefore, in for a penny, in for a pound. The Brexit process has started and is proving more difficult and complicated than anyone would have expected.

Leaving EU nationals in total limbo about their situation and their fate could only tear the society apart, hurting the economy and hinder any progress made so far by Britain.

It’s highly time for Theresa May and the Government to do the right thing: Guarantee status of EU nationals living in UK even without reciprocal action for UK nationals leaving in the Block. Make the best of a bad deal, or remain enthusiastic and optimistic even when the going gets tough is a mark of wisdom and foresight.

Leaving EU citizens who for years have contributed to the economy of the UK , not to have clarity about their status in the country will just be unconscionable, and so will be allowing the terrible sword of Damocles thus hang above their heads.

Politicians should be urged to clarify UK stance about EU migrants situation to put a stop to what is turning into a moral torture

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