I like to build shit, more than that even I like to buy domain names.

Luckily the two of them often go hand in hand. You build something cool, well then by golly do you want a cool name for it.

But even for a person as clever and creative as I like to tell people I am, coming up with names can be a pain in the ass.

I’m also a self professed polyglot, just another feather I like to put in my Walmart fedora, so when I couldn't think of names, historically I would go through the exhaustive…

There are a lot of guys like me out in the world. Mediocre engineers that over engineer products before they’ve validated the market place. I was talking with a friend earlier today, about ways to test out ideas before dropping 40 hours of dev time into it. It got me thinking, how simply could some of the top tech firms been validated? Could we keep it under $100? So here is me trying to figure it out for Netflix.

Now I am talking about old school Netflix, the “we send you a dvd in the mail” Netflix alright? So we…

A while back I made a chrome extension that changes mentions of ‘Trump’ in to the 💩 emoji. It’s kind of fun. and it is called DumpTrump

It gives you gems like:


I’ve lived the majority of my adult life in apartments, houses, and warehouses; places that have a colorful history. Sometimes that color is unintentional and a bit dark. Stains. I have lived almost exclusively in stained homes.

Back in Third Ward, Houston I lived in a house. We would throw large parties, it was really cheap.

During college I lived in a house with friends in Houston’s 3rd Ward. It’s a neighborhood that a real-estate developer would ‘call up and coming’ or ‘with lots of potential’ but what most people would call urban blight. …

Have you ever encountered the sponge?

I asked men and women of my generation, if they’ve ever used, or for that matter heard about the birth-control device known as the sponge being used.

And? They only know about it because of Seinfeld.

Outside of The Show About Nothing I think that it was maybe a footnote in my (almost) abstinence only sex ed class in high school?

But there were a lot of Seinfeld reruns after school, so I might be just cramming memories together.

So what was this mysterious birth control contraption?

So I did some research, apparently the sponge was a little sponge soaked in spermicide that women in the 90s would…

I recently read an article called How to Wake up at 5AM and Build Your Startup by Patrick Park.

It was chockfull of good reasons and ways that a person to get up and go early. Waking at normal human hours has been the bane of my existence since I was a little dude. Though I would always make exceptions for skiing, powder over everything.

One of Patrick’s points was:

Force Yourself to Drink Coffee

It’s never been hard for me to make an excuse to drink coffee, and after rent it is probably my biggest expense. But getting out…

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You’re a little kid, you are at the mall with your mom. You like the mall, you might get a toy or an Orange Julius out of this.

You used to hold your mom’s hand everywhere you went, but you are a big kid now, and only do that when crossing the street.

You are looking around taking in the sights and sounds of the mall. Then you see something cool and you go to grab your mom’s attention to point it out to her.

Then you realize that she isn’t there, and you freak out.


This is now a podcast! Take a listen to Codecaine: Scummy Tech for Techie Scum

Bottom Line, an adventure in creative fundraising

“no trust me man, I saw this in a movie,” Carlos said as he took the five grand that we had raised between the two of us and split into to two stacks, and passed one to me.

He continued, “count yours out” I did, all 20s of varying crispness. He continued “alright man, so when you go in there keep half in each of your pocket. That way if it goes bad right?”

‘yeah, we’ll still have half, gotchoo man’ I answered/

I’m breathing…

Armen Suny

web developer, garage/blackmetal/punk enthusiast armenarmen.com

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