Why you should volunteer with Armenian Volunteer Corps

If we ask you when you last shared your professional skills or passion as a volunteer, are you instantly overcome by a warm feeling and a rush of happy memories? Many professionals give of their time volunteering, positively impacting the lives of others. It turns out that volunteering is actually as good for you the volunteer as it is for those you help. And the older you are, the more benefits you will reap!

While many organizations provide volunteering opportunities to serve food to the needy, paint schools or plant trees, at Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) we offer many other options as well where you can share your professional know-how in areas such as archaeology, architecture, arts and culture, business, community development, environmental sciences, engineering, farming, healthcare, human rights, law and public policy, media, journalism, PR or marketing, research, social work, sports, teaching, youth outreach, zoology, and more.

Volunteering in Armenia with AVC is not only a real chance to share your experience and learn from others, but also a full immersion in daily life and a way to discover the hidden Armenia.

Since 2001, we have proudly welcomed more than 650 “can-do” individuals of all ages (our oldest to date is a dynamic 74!) from around the globe ready to make a difference. AVC Professional Corps volunteers are over age 32 and serve in the field of their choosing for at least two weeks and a minimum of 20 hours per week. This allows ample time for in-country exploration, excursions, and networking. Our dedicated team provides all back-office support, and does its utmost to make sure your experience is unforgettable. We care about what you do and want to ensure your success.

As you plan your 2017 travels, why not consider a service experience in Armenia, be it professional or less formal. AVC will customize the experience to suit your background and interests. Email us your questions at info@avc.am. When you’re ready, you can apply online at https://armenianvolunteer.org/index.php?option=com_avcapplication.

What are you waiting for? Come, Move Mountains.

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