Top 10 reasons you should subscribe to the Armentropy YouTube channel:

  1. We have just hit 34 subscribers, which in ancient Egypt was the numerical tipping point where sewer water turned into rainbows
  2. The channel has my name in it, and the word entropy, and shows you that overlapping letters can be fun and educational
  3. When you subscribe to the channel, not only are you connected with the latest and greatest videos, but you get to experience the Subscribe button feature that Youtube programmers spent weeks on
  4. Our team at Armentropy, which is just me, will celebrate each subscription by imagining that each of you are joining the Armentropy band, bringing your own instruments to the table
  5. You will see interviews, discussions, compilations of Snapchats with a theme, collaborations, and get to hear that Armentropy theme music that once gave the Jeopardy theme a run for its money
  6. You can support our decision to not post videos on Soundcloud, where it turned out that videos could not be posted
  7. Consistent videos will turn your week from week + weekend to week with Armentropy videos + weekend, and mental health doctors confirm that there is more than a placebo effect of health improvement due to this
  8. It is my way of indirectly working at Google
  9. In some future video, you will find out which I like most of the colors teal, aquamarine, cyan, and turquoise
  10. You have been looking for that channel that connects you with the populace, and I have been looking for you for weeks
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