Zastac Social Lending

Some examples of old projects you can also check on my behance profile or in my old website
Simple flow diagram
Modular sistem
  • To build a brand and a website able to retain the feeling of security and reliability, putting distance between the perception crisis that affects “traditional banking” and adding new values such as honesty, freshness, sociability, etc.
First approaching to the new brand
  • To build a system that allows us to answer present needs but also contemplates the possibility to grow quickly and that can be adapted to all kinds of devices.
The main elements are modules that can grow due to the content
  • To build a transparent, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing financial tool.
Color test
  • A simple and fresh brand that is even playful: the first letter of the name reminds you of a percentage symbol, which links with the loans, profitability, etc… You can check more uses of the brand here.
Negative version
  • From the elements of the logo I created an iconographic language that will help to communicate certain concepts in a simple and quick manner.
Icon system’s detail
Icon system
  • Color as information, not as decoration. The color range used keeps the interface harmonic so we can contrast important elements easily and use the color to provide certain information.
Color scheme
Even when you don’t understand Spanish, you can easily say which payment is delayed
  • Friendly tone of voice that engages with the user.
  • Clear messages and a typographic hierarchy that helps the user to identify the main messages and actions.
Homepage’s detail
  • Descriptive “Call to Action”
Making a deposit
  • Modular system that anticipates the possibility to grow and provides a clear way to build new elements.
At some point we needed to include a “professional profile” creating new elements
  • Progressive discovery, initially there are just a few options and once you start using the tool you discover new features.
“When you make an investment you can manage it from here”
  • Micro interactions are used to engage users but also to provide feedback about your actions.
  • Photographic style. Focus on the social side of the product.



Design Lead @BBVA / Partner @somostramontana

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