Ask users why they did not buy your product

How a simple email survey can give you incredible user insights.

Inertia & Anxiety

When buying a new product, you always switch away from another solution. This switching process goes along with inertia and anxiety (see image). Asking your users why they did not buy your product, will give you some valuable insights into your users inertia and anxiety.

How to ask them

Selecting the recipients

At, we regularly survey our users why they did not buy our product in the end. Setting it up was extremly easy: We use mixpanel’s notification feature for that, sending emails to all of our users, who never purchased anything and stopped showing up in the last 2 weeks.

Selecting the recipients of our email survey in mixpanel

Sending the survey

To make it seem more personal and to keep things simple, we just used plain text. In addition, we customized the salutation to personalize it even further.

Instead of including a survey link, we normally ask 1–2 questions within the email and encourage users to reply to the email directly.

Email text we use (translated from German)

Collecting results

Collecting the results is a bit painful, since you have to do it manually, but that’s also a perfect job you can delegate to an intern.

For us, the results were really great: some assumptions we already had got validated, but also we got some new insights.

Don’t stop here! Implement a similar process for your funnel now and let me know how it worked out. Also, feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comments below.