How to make business as a Social Media Pariah (and why I changed)

Hello World!

Imagine someone that until 2017 never once wrote a blog entry; a person that until recently did not use Instagram; an individual which Facebook posts you can count on one hand.

This person is me.

I somehow managed to live, work and even start businesses in different countries and not once published a post, wrote a blog article or created a video about it — I guess you could say that I'm a social media introvert.

However, for everything there is a first time and so it shall be for my social media presence.

So what made me change my mind?

Well for once I inisitently suggested my girlfriend to start her own blog around 1,5 years ago and it took off really well.

You can check it out here:

On the other side I co-founded a financial consulting company in Brazil and we managed to grow to over 20.000 clients and 150 fulltime consultants with (nearly) no social media or online advertising.

Wait, what?

Yes, believe it or not there is still business to be done offline and face-to-face. Much more important, though, especially offline recommendations can get you an amazing portfolio of burning hot leads. Especially, if your client contacts the recommendations directly and prepares them to be contacted by you.

Such offline leads can be converted at a significantly higher rate to new clients (and thus create income for you) than online leads.

However, it takes a lot of training and patience of the consultant/sales person to go through potential recommendations with the client.

Thus, offline lead generation by recommendation is effective but scaleability is limited and very much dependent on the skill (and charisma) of the enquirer.

While 'limited scaleability' may sound to the new generation founders like a death penalty to his/her new 'new google/uber/facebook' clone startup, for 95% (read high percentage number) of SME business offline recommendations are still a very effective tool.

I truly believe in the power of the internet and that it will change the world in the next years even more than it already has in the last 20 years

However, it seems that new online businesses sometimes ignore the fact that for certain services there is still an adaptation time period and that there are different age groups next to the 25 year old Silicone Valley programmer who buys his cafe latte with bitcoins.

So, I'm now on a journey to enter the world of social media to find out if we can create a hybrid of offline and online business and marketing to bridge the upcoming decade or so which it will take to get 90% of the traditional businesses completely online.