A factory in your community

New factory; hope or calamity?

Starting a new factory in our community can have either positive or negative effects. Since this area needs it so much, I think it would be beneficial in so many aspects.

Where I live, economically is dependent on the tourism industry, here we don’t have any state university, factory or any other kind of business. Most of the individual jobs directly or indirectly are related to tourism. For instance, my father has a supermarket, his business is truly different in holidays from normal days. in Newroz, summer or other holidays his business is thriving and other times it is so feasible that he can barely afford to pay his bills and expenses. when it comes to an unwanted happening like flood, snow or other natural threats that scares tourist, it can really harm his business. By opening a factory in our community everything can change, there will be a lot of job opportunities, therefore, people would have more buying power and local business like my father, wouldn’t be so dependent to the tourism.

A new factory would need workers, thus many immigrants would come to this area. The immigrants need services, health care, groceries, and housing. it can bring revenue to the local business, on the other hand, there would be more congestion and this population growth may have some side effects too. The environment will be more polluted, those immigrants can bring diseases with themselves and it can increase infection in the neighborhood. Housing prices will grow, these new people with various cultures coming to our community can be a threat to our peace and security. it may increases per capita of rubbery, mugging, shoplifting, accident, rapping and even homicide.

In conclusion, a new factory can bring hope to our community and help our people to have promising future, nevertheless without management it can lead to adversity, ruing nature and be a threat to people’s welfare.