Have you ever felt like you were being watched?

Well it doesn’t matter because in this day and age, you can never really know. To this day, there is a prevalent use of unmanned surveillance and attack drones being used by the police and federal government on U.S. soil and it is ethically inappropriate.

Recently, there has been a lot of debate on the use of unmanned drones and where and when they should be allowed. This makes right now a crucial moment in history to discuss the proper use of drones. It is especially important to discuss this right now because there are new technological advancements every year that expand our capabilities but they need to be regulated. A lot of news was published on the use of drones actually, especially how the new Trump administration plans on regulating the use of drones.

An article that I read was published a few months ago by the New York Times and it stated that the new administration under Donald Trump “is asking Congress to give the federal government sweeping powers to track, hack and destroy any type of drone over domestic soil”. For now, this is just a draft of a bill but if it passes it would allow the government to use any force necessary to search and destroy any unmanned aircraft it determines to be a security threat. This is very important because it will allow American citizens to feel safe and secure in their homes because they will not have to worry about being spied on. This actually helps support my position because I think that we need to start regulating the use of drones over U.S. soil, both foreign and domestic. The government has also expressed a growing concern about the use of small drones and the potential for terrorists to use them to carry bombs or other weapons into secure places. This is why it should be a priority for us to regulate drones so we can prevent any future disasters.

Another article that I read from NBC News said that the Donald Trump administration would like to increase CIA drone strikes. This is due to Trump being impressed by the CIA when they showed him direct drone strikes against suspected terrorists. Soon afterwards, multiple sources began reporting that the CIA began to carry out drone strikes that might not have been approved under the previous Obama administration. The White House has also granted CIA officers more independence in deciding on where and when the United States can carry out a drone airstrike in places like Syria and Yemen. Now, the Donald Trump administration is attempting to revise additional policies that will allow the CIA to expand its authority so that they would be allowed to conduct drone strikes in a many different countries, in and out of war zones. Another article I read that was published recently by USA Today spoke about how the Pentagon reports deploying drones over the United States of America over the last decade. The article talked about how the Pentagon has their own unique policy for the legal use of drones and that they have been using drones on non-military missions to spy on people. This fact was not publicized until a Freedom of Information Act was filed and many people were left wondering why it took so long to report on a program that has been active since 2006. So far, no new legal violations have been found with the drone surveillance missions that have been reported. However, technology is advancing so fast that the old laws may no longer be appropriate in governing the use of drones and we may need to revise some of our previous restrictions.

These three articles all relate to one another in some way or anther. They all speak on the fact that we need to update our laws on drones. They also all mention that the Trump administration is trying to push for more usage of drones in foreign countries. The only positive thing mentioned is the bill that will allow us to destroy any unmanned drone thought to be a threat over the U.S, if passed by Congress. Drones are being used daily by both the government and public and we need to regulate them so we can respect the privacy and rights of the citizens of the United States of America. This is very relevant to my topic because my whole main point is that our rights are being violated to this day. Our own government has the legal right to watch us and unless we start to discuss this issue, it will go too far.

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