My Greatest True Love

Press Play…

It took a lifetime to discover true love. True Love is often dismissed by the naysayers and the pessimists. I stand before you, a man who has experienced true love…a man who has lost true love. This, by all accounts exposes the truths of true love; to have and to have lost.

I cannot share with you, her side of the story, but I share with you, how she made me feel.

True love, she made me feel whole-yet now broken, feel joy-now sorrow, I was found-now lost, breathless, speechless, sensitive to her touch, her word, her smile, but now lifeless, cold, speechless, emotionless, cold to the idea of no more US.

Bliss is in her presence. Distance was never too far, yet being close wasn’t close enough…. true love… miles, days, hours, minutes and seconds, erased at first embrace… true love…you can feel the warmth of the sun a bit more and on a cold day, cuddled on the couch in silence, speaks to the heart beyond words.

True love’s soundtrack plays on repeat, never growing dull…recalling moments in real-time… reliving each moment together, over and over. I feel her touch even when she’s not there…

True love’s soundtrack, renders aid in the escape for the lonely, embraced by memories… each verse speaks to the heart and challenges the idea of moving forward, moving on without the other half of yourself; a mirror without a reflection…

True love…to feel, to live, to experience; if true love is bliss then to be without true love, without her is hell… there is no in between.

I’m a man who has lived true love… if given the choice to experience, to live, to exist in bliss all over again, knowing the fate of facing a future without her, my true love, I would walk our path again, just to feel her love for one more day.

With her, the path is lit in the darkness, without her, bleak in daylight. What seems right, is wrong, up is down, what’s seen, felt, heard is blinding, numbing, and deafening without her.

Just as it took a lifetime to discover true love, it will take a lifetime to recover. What has been gained, is now lost, but life is not over. Life begins without her, begins with a promise to her and self, have faith in true love… have faith in her.

Days and nights will pass; feelings are tucked away, guaranteed to resurface from time to time…I smile, still bitter sweet indeed, but I’ll remember her for what we shared, our hearts, and our love.

Our soundtrack plays on… the memories live…. as the night comes, daylight fades, if she walks through the door again, by choice or blind circumstance I’ll dare ask her for her hand, shall we dance this one last dance. I’d give you the world again, to be your man.

May this day come in reality or dream, I hope I never make the same mistake twice… I’ll dream of you until you fade. If you decide to come back, only opportunity is in our way, I’d take this opportunity and I’d gladly say, “the soundtrack has played on”…..I never pressed pause, stop, or fast forward, I’ve simply waited my turn for this dance, for your bliss to return,

Let true love’s soundtrack play…I can feel your kiss again…I can feel you…my true love.