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Eman Alshawaf

I really enjoyed both Faurer and Soth’s photographs and their exploration of light. They each have different ways of successfully using light — Faurer uses it to tell the story through the reflections in the windows and on the hard surfaces in New York City, while Soth uses the light to highlight the subjects by creating contrast.

Personally I liked Faurer’s use of light a little more and one of his photographs that stood out to me was Broadway, Ney York, NY. I feel that this photograph really portrays the atmosphere of Ney York, through the use of sharp bright lights and the reflections off the hard surface of the car. Even though this photo was taken at night, the amount of artificial lights makes the photo much brighter and alive, which is the atmosphere that New York has.

Another one of Faurer’s photographs that uses light to tell a story is New York, NY 1947. In this photo, Faurer uses the silhouette the light creates to form the story. You can see two silhouettes of men one in a reflection of a window and the other through another window. You can also see the top of the skyscrapers in the background through the reflection showing that these men ar high up in the building which indicates that these men are powerful. Fauer uses light to show illustrate this power through the silhouettes and contrast of light.

I really appreciated how Soth uses light to contrast his subjects and one photograph that really shows this technique is Kristen, 2007. In this photograph, Soth uses the white snowy background and the light which illuminates off the snow to create a strong contrast with the girl in the black leotard. This high contrast creates a crisp line around the girl, clearly illustrating to the audience that she is the subject of the photograph.

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