The Inherent Romance of Platonic Bonds
Jessie Pocock

Thank you for sharing this, Ms. Jessie Pocock. Literally, the day I came across this piece earlier this week, I was thinking of the notion of romantic friendships and how there are a lot of judgements about that because our society doesn’t understand it. I know I am probably the only male on this thread who is going to speak to this. I have a very dear person of mine from grad school days, who is nearly 30 years my senior, but we love each other fairly fiercely, both of us either currently dealing with or interested in other people in the more traditional “romantic” sense.

What we share though, is something that can’t really be placed in a box as strictly ‘something’, a sexual relationship, romantic relationship with sexual components, etc. We have never been able to place how we love each other concretely and I think that’s okay. We share something that certainly feels more spiritual, more ethereal than anything else. Something I’ve never really felt in any romantic relationship I’ve had with anyone. I think because we’re trained to think of two people being close, sharing tender moments, men or women, as being something that is sexual or romantic strictly, when that is not always the case necessarily.

It is so refreshing to come across a piece where someone knows and understands that. It’s often a challenge to talk about this with other people who can’t seem to understand that there are other ways, other kinds of love than the more binary, ‘either this or that’ ways that we’ve been conditioned to believe in. ❤

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