My newly found family at the Andela boot camp.

we are family —

This week, I embarked on a new journey in my career life by taking a step to respond to the invitation to the Andela boot camp, a two-week rigorous process through which successful candidates are selected to join the Andela fellowship.

Onboarding exercise: On getting to Andela, we were distributed in smaller teams with each a learning facilitator. My team happens to have some brilliant minds each with their own strength thus the team dynamics.

Over the course of this week, I have been able to interact with my amazing team ‘team-flash` as we so chose to call our selves and I would like to share with you some things that amazed me with these individuals.

First on the list is my learning facilitator Peter Walugembe. A busy man as Peter is, he takes time off his daily backlog of tasks to review my work and guide me where am faltering. He is kind enough to remind us of keeping time in order to able to submit our assignments on schedule. On top of it all, he is kind enough to share resources that would help us achieve the tasks at hand.

Second on the list is my boot camp teammate Okiror Frank. The most interesting fact about Frank is that he’s very inquisitive and is eager to learn new things. He is also kind enough to share with the team over the new things he has learned recently. Not limited to the above, he also encourages fellow members of the team, with constant reminders regarding deadlines and upcoming events. Occasionally, Frank loves to listen to pop music as well as investigative tv series.

Third on the list is Victor Nomwesigwa. The resilience in her is by far the most I have ever seen in any individual. She keeps at a task until she finds a solution, then and only then she can rest. She keeps the team lively by always pausing challenging questions. She as well likes to share newly discovered concepts and always keeps team members informed. In her personal time, she loves to jog, play tennis as well as listen to music.

Lastly, there is Ampaire Phemia another teammate of mine at the boot camp. She like all most individuals is very eager to learn and is always looking to pick up on new topics. She is a good team player and very informative to the whole team. She constantly seeks help from all individuals whenever she’s stuck while solving a problem and never sits on a problem alone.

This is my newly found family at Andela. Thank you, Andela for the amazing opportunity to enable me to meet these talented individuals.