Yeah, I’m afraid of guns.
Jake Bullington

How can you survive a school shooting when no shots were fired? You have PTSD because a middle schooler had a gun in his backpack? This is obviously a family issue where the kid got ahold of a gun at home and was misguided in bringing it to school. Don’t know what his motive was, but your narrative doesn’t really have anything to do with the greater issues.

So what’s the deal…are you now an anti-gun crusader or are you just stating the obvious, that you fear guns? I was an Army Infantryman for 14 years and have been in Iraq. I still fear guns too…fear them in the hands of dipshits that dont know how to use them…was almost shot on the range when someone was clearing a weapon. I fear bad guys with guns so I carry a gun everywhere I go(legally of course).

It’s ok to fear guns…everyone sane does. But don’t fear law abiding citizens with guns and if you can, try to become one. It’s an awesome responsibility and it’s very empowering to know that you have the power to make a difference if some bad dude comes around and tries to hurt people.

Your other option is to take the anti gun road and lead a digital campaign to no where to try and convince people that legal guns are bad and should be banned…I say that because criminals are not reading Medium or any other social media and are unmoved by your arguement. In fact, they love your ideas since that means they wont have any resistance when they come to prey on you.

The only thing a predator fears is another predator. The only thing a bad guy fears is a good guy with a gun. They dont fear or respect weak minded liberals that spew preachy, feel good, intellectual arguments…they just kill them.

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