Nope. Saying that the situations we’re born into and the opportunities afforded us allow us to…
Andrew Reback

So it’s an un-level playing field? If we were all green, it would be an un-level playing field. Someone else’s advantage doesn’t automatically translate into a disadvantage for someone else. Everyone in America has the opportunity to be successful regardless of where they come from, what education level they have, or what built in advantages are present or absent.

We don’t live in a caste system…there is a free market, ample opportunity, the availability of technology, etc. Why promote a narrative with a built in excuse for failure.

You dont have to be a Zuckerberg to be successful..if someone is more successful or richer or whatever…it doesn’t change the fact that anyone can build success.

The reasons that they don’t aren't racial, its not a system keeping them down or anything else…its lack of work ethic, poor decision making, etc. Poverty is the default state of humanity around the world. Most people are poor…but in the US, everyone has access to opportunity.

I think its incredibly unwise to promote the narrative that if you dont win the birth lottery, that you got screwed and theres no chance and you’re a victim. Better to promote the narrative that if you make the right choices and work hard, you have an opporunity to gain success for yourself.

Stop looking at what others have and make the most of what you have. Stop waiting for the government or someone to create opportunity and create it for yourself.

Now where I align with you (I assume) is that in the most urban and poverty stricken areas, kids are born into completely toxic environments and they often have the die cast for a bad outcome before they really have a chance. I would like to see that change.

However, I think this has to come from within their community. Their leaders, pastors, teachers, adults, and everyone else need to create the conditions for these kids to have success. This is not something the federal government can do.

Black leaders in particular should be focused on holding blacks accountable for their actions, they should be telling kids to stop listening to rap and other garbage that sends the wrong message, they need to tell rappers to clean it up.

We need to wean the population slowly off of social welfare programs. We have the lowest job participation since 1977. How do you inspire success at home when you are completely dependent on the government for everything? We dont have a labor shortage that requires massive immigration, we need to get the people that aren’t working back in the work force as wage earners for their family.

Community leaders need to work with the churches to get people more involved in the church and promote family values, including fatherhood. That message needs to get back into school. You know the place where it used to be ok to pray.

Schools and teachers need to push for funding for year round education and more after school programs to keep kids involved and engaged in positive learning activities.

Police departments need to increase their presence to reduce violence and gang activity that pulls these kids off track.

All of these efforts will produce more success than people constantly just griping that it’s unfair and this person or that person is disadvantaged.

So is what I am saying racist?

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