Darren, so glad you served, and came back healthy.
Torry Clark

Thanks for mentioning that. I appreciate it. Donald Rumsfeld as the SECDEF does not make the decision to go to War. That lies with Congress and President. You go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want to have at a later time.

I served under President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush over my 14 years of military service.

President Clinton reduced funding for the military and allowed sequestration to substantially reduce the effectiveness of the military. I recall not having money for schools, bullets, and ever reduced force levels. Does this sound familiar to what Barack Obama has allowed today?

President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld inherited an Army that was not well prepared for war. That said, we made substantial progress adapting and upgrading our combat forces to fight a war that had not been conceived or prepared for. We had to do this on the fly.

I have no idea what you are talking about when you say that he and his cronies set up the war. During President Clinton’s tenure, the United States Congress passed the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998. This outlined the policy for regime change in Iraq.

Whether you agree with how the war was started or fought, the fact is that Saddam was a threat to his neighbors and interests in the region. He had been an active developer of WMDs and he led an illegitimate government that raped, tortured, and killed his own people. He was given an option to leave but chose the path to war. People forget about that.

When I came in the Army everyone was saying that we abandoned the Iraqis and didnt do enough after the Gulf War to make sure they were free and secure. Then we risk our lives to go and liberate the country only to watch it descend into chaos, murder, and violence. That was their decision to abandon the opportunity they were given.

It’s a lot easier to look back and see the results and say we were wrong. Hindsight is the closest thing we have to an exact science. I am certain we would have made different decisions if we had to do it again.

To say that he was the worst SECDEF since McNamara is meaningless. At least President Bush took a stand and was clear eyed with his policies and beliefs. And for his part Donald Rumsfeld did an admirable job trying to take on the tough challenge of bringing the DoD into the 21st century and fighting two wars simultaneously…I think it would be unfair to compare him to someone else that probably didnt face the same challenges.

What would someone that spent a lifetime serving in government have to answer for?

What world body could credibly sit on a bench and render judgement on what we did, largely without their help or support. They are as feckless and ineffectual as your pathetic argument.

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