The Banality of Black Death
Eli Langley

This article is so full of $hit that I do not know where to begin. First, we need to acknowledge that our definition of an “adult” is very flexible. Having once worked in the prison system, I can attest to that first hand.

Case in point…If a 14 year old murders someone, they can be tried as an adult. If that same 14 year old person has sex with an adult, then they are considered a child. Now I know that Tamir is 12, but my point is that we have a convienent definition of “adult” and “child” that we change based on the circumstances. People also referred to Micheal Brown as a child too. If it had been a real gun and Tamir had murdered someone with it, then he would likely be facing adult criminal charges.

The police officer, and I am no fan of the police, had to act based on the information he had, which was faulty. Tamir and his family have to bear some responsibility for the fact that he HAD this realisitic looking gun and that he was running around unsupervised pointing and firing it indiscriminately at people in public.

Yet, we as a nation have become “America the unaccountable.” There is always some other extraordinary burden placed on someone else that “should have known” or some garbage narrative. Never could we consider looking at Tamir or his parents, which have the legal obligation to protect and supervise their child, as having a “scintilla” (to use Obama’s words) of responsibility for their action.

Same case with Michael Brown. If you are a thug, doing thug things, encountering officers, fighting with officers to take a weapon, and then get shot, well it’s at least kinda somewhat YOUR fault wouldn’t you agree?

But this isn’t about the facts, it’s about the story. It’s a BS narrative that cops are targeting blacks and “black lives matter” and all that crap. We ignore the facts and promote the narrative. We say he was only 12 as if anyone could have known that from the video. We find the cutest pictures from 2–3 years ago to show the innocence. That doesn’t square with what we saw on the video.

I hate that the kid is gone. It was a waste of a child with potential, but I am also not going to say that the cop shot him because he was black or that the cop should go to prison for doing his job with the information he had.

I am tired of the black victim narrative and all the lies that go with it. If Black lives matter then BLACKS need to stop killing each other every day, BLACK mothers need to make better decisions and stop aborting their kids in record numbers (363,705 annually), and BLACK parents need to be responsible to educate and supervise their children…not let them run around with a real looking gun pointing it at everybody in the neighborhood, not letting them storm malls across the country destroying the place.

Stop with the victim BS. Start teaching your kids the truth…that if they work hard and most of all, make smart decisions, then they are in the greatest country in the world to achieve their dreams. No one owes them anything and there are no barriers to anyone that cannot be overcome by hard work and smart decisions. PERIOD!

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