I think your last statement clouds any discussion, so omit it from the discussion.
Andrew Reback

Well Andrew I put the statement in place becuase you responded to my response to someone calling me a racist.

I think the federal approach has been tried…over $1 Trillion spent on the war on poverty with the result being more people in poverty.

I get there are people that need support, but we have to find a way to stop what has happened here, which is that people use it as a way of life. The bill just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. One way to do that is by eliminating incentives to stay on welfare such as getting more money for additional children you have while on welfare, have birth control as part of a condition of getting welfare, making education or volunteerism be a mandatory part of the program, etc.

The job creation is there, but the competition for those jobs are heated becuase we have an immigration program that allows over 1M people to come here legally each year. Some jobs are being filled by illegal immigrants, which is driving wages down. .

Then companies are using the H1-B visa program to cut costs by replacing Americans with foreigners willing to work for less. If we can get back to pre-1965 immigration levels, then there will be ample jobs for people

I think the federal government has a role in changing things, but just not a lead role. I think somewhere there has to be a cultural revolution. There has to be some leadership within say the black community that says enough is enough…we want a real path forward, not a handout every month to keep us pacificed. That needs to filter down from the national level to hollywood to the states and cities and local communities.

Someone on that side of the fence has to lead the way. And that community has poor leaders at the national level. They only show up when a black kid is shot by the cops. These guys aren’t addressing the core issues, they are too busy shaking down government and private sector businesses for funding.

The black movement has to be a ground up movement. We’ve tried the top down approach and the federal government just cant do a good job of managing the money, getting results, and creating real change. They just waste a lot of resources trying.

That money could be deployed to states and cities that could potentially put it to more effective use.

We can’t ask the private sector to solve the lack of job creation when we are crushing them with high tax rates, obamacare, regulations, and other barriers to success. As an owner of several businesses, I can tell you that it’s much harder to operate and keep a healthy profit margin today than it was 5 years ago.

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