If torturing suspected terrorists was actually effective, then it could be justified.
Zac Wasielewski


So what you are saying is that it’s an abandonment of American values unless it works?

Well there were about 8 different times where enhanced interrogation techniques led to a prevention of a terrorist act or capture of a high value terrorist.

When we say that we torture people, we are really talking about the following: Depravation of sleep, rectal feeding, waterboarding. We waterboarded 3 people.

When the enemy tortures people…these are all Saddam tactics:

Rape, electric shock, beatings, fingernail pulling, made to run over broken glass, letting a pregnant woman give birth and then killing the baby, having to swim in sewer water, etc.

So it was effective when applied to select high value targets and when measured against the loss of American lives, I can live with what we consider torture.

What disturbs me is that you think you have a pulse on what American values are and what it takes to keep this country safe. You appear to be outraged by what we did, yet you dont even take time to really learn the facts. By even calling what we did torture, you give a moral equavlance to our actions and the actions of our enemies…they are not anywhere near the same thing.

You are just as shallow and uninformed as so many of your millennial, non-veteran brethren.

We are facing an emeny that is hell bent on destroying us completely. They don’t care about your supposed values or morality. The only thing that stops them are the rough, hard men that show up and kill them.

Just be thankful for those willing to take that on…since it’s obviously not you.

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