Make education part of your 2017

Photo by Eric Shadowens

Our profession continues to change and evolve more and more every year. As U.S. Army public affairs professionals, we must continue to adapt and grow as we communicate to a global, interconnected audience.

Whether you are a PA Soldier or Civilian the question you should be asking yourself is: Am I remaining technically proficient?

As a leader, you should be coaching and mentoring your team to continue to develop. As an individual, you should be regularly assessing yourself and striving to find opportunities to grow as well.

Luckily for us, there are a number of training and development opportunities available for our personnel including the Public Relations Society of America accreditation, the ability to use tuition assistance or veteran benefits to attend college courses, enrolling in online certifications and of course attending various courses at the Defense Information School.

Of course timing and budget constraints may play a role when trying to get to school so plan accordingly with your respective units, career managers and training sections/NCOs when trying to enroll in a course.

The good news is DINFOS is under the Military Training Support System (MTSS), which covers the cost of meals and lodging. Units must provide transportation to and from DINFOS. Unfortunately, our civilian workforce is not covered under MTSS.

Of the 32 different courses currently being offered at the schoolhouse, these are 10 that should be considered in your professional development plan.

Infograph design by SFC Christopher Fincham

If you have any questions about any of these courses please contact the APAC Training team at 301–677–7292. As a friendly reminder, APAC does not enroll individuals in these courses, but we can grant exception to policy for certain prerequisites.

For more information on courses and dates, visit the DINFOS Course Catalog.