Water Crisis looms large for India

Water Crisis is certainly a burning problem for India. Lack of rainfall over the decades, unabated deforestation and subsequent urbanisation, lack of water conservation, increasing water demands in households and working sectors etc are the main reasons of this grave water crisis in some parts of India.

70% of India's rivers and water reservoirs are more or less contaminated. We are the largest users of groundwater which puts a large pressure on the aquifers.

(Groundwater depletion in northern India - NASA)

Chennai topped the list of water scarce cities around the world followed by Kolkata (2nd), Mumbai (11th) and Delhi (15th).

Chennai, in recent times is facing unprecedented water scarcity and millions are rendered helpless to have access to clean drinking water.

Chennai is slowly becoming India's Cape Town in terms of water crisis.

According to a report of NITI Aayog :-

  • 97 million city dwellers and more than 70 % rural folks hardly have any access to clean drinking water.
  • 55% of wells ran out of water. In last decade, the ground water level dropped by 54%.

According to the World Bank reports over the years :-

  • India’s water demand will be double by 2030 than supply.

Why is India facing this ?

  • We do not have any strict policy regarding water conservation and recycling.

The possible soultions :-

  • Proper and strict policy framing for management of water, forest and land.

So, please save water and spread awareness about it. Without the conscious efforts of the citizens, government alone can't do this properly.

Thanks for going through.

Have a nice day.



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