Importance of Multiple Pay In/Pay out System in Affiliate Marketing

In the ‘Admin user network’, one of the most vital objects is taking special care regarding the secured payment gateway for affiliate user and advertiser user. The affiliate user is more concerns concerning the getting payment from admin in terms of conditions of every successful campaigning. A SaaS based platform provides to the admin a vigorous highly secured payout system, which lets the advertiser user to pay to admin against the condition of successful promoting of advertiser user’s advertisements. Apart from this admin can set up from a basic offer with a pay in and payout to determine regarding the payout amount to the affiliate user.

Multiple Payout Types
The payout value is the amount that admin are paying to the affiliate for each conversion that they sent to the network. Through this awesome feature admin can choose different types of pay out, like CPL, Fixed Rate Hybrid (CPS+CPC), Revenue Shared and Tiered. It enhances marketing opportunities through lot of affiliates.

Different Currency for Payout
Usually the network is working in US Dollars and assume business partner like one affiliate working in Euros and another affiliate working in Indian Rupees. In this aspect this feature gives you control over preferred currency payout. So Euro using affiliate gets commission in Euro and INR using affiliate gets commission in Indian Rupees.

Multiple Pay In Types
The revenue is the amount that you are collecting from the advertiser of the offer. The advertiser can choose different PayIn types easily.

Different Currency for Pay In
Admin can select different currency which they will obtain from the advertiser.

Salient Features
1. User can select the customized dates [Start and End dates] respectively for a payin/payout.
2. User can create multiple payin or payout types for a particular offer.
3. User can also create custom currency for the particular payin/payout which will only be applicable for the particular payin/payout.
Payout/ Payin Types:

Revenue per Conversion/Cost per Conversion (RPA/CPA): 
This is a flat payout that has-been paid when the offer conversion pixel/post back is levied on the offer has been completed. This is the most common payout method for offers.
Revenue per Sale/Cost per Sale (RPS/CPS): 
This will show as pre-mentioned percentage of the sale of a conversion. When this revenue or payout has been set, the offer pixel/post back will include a sale amount parameter that admin user will pass the total sale amount from the sale that the affiliate was attributed to, and the offer will calculate the revenue and payout of the conversion.

Revenue/Cost per Conversion plus Revenue/Cost per Sale: 
With this option, admin user is setting a flat revenue/payout as well as specifying a percentage of a sale amount on top of that. This is essentially a combo of the two above payout types.

Revenue per Click/Cost per Click (RPC/CPC):
Instead of paying out on conversion, the admin user can also set a flat revenue/payout on click, and each unique click will receive a payout. For these types of the offer, you don’t need a conversion pixel since the payout occurs at the click, but conversions can still be tracked and will appear in the conversion report.

Revenue Per Thousand Impression/ Cost Per Thousand Impression (RPM/CPM):
 If admin user is showing interest in tracking impressions instead of clicks and conversions, this option would have been set to payout for every 1000 impressions. For this, to make it effective, the affiliate would have been needed to use the impression pixel provided for them in the offer to track impression.

Revenue Per Lead/ Cost Per Lead (RPL/CPL): 
This payout and revenue type is same as Revenue Per Conversion/ Cost Per Conversion.

Fixed Rate (FR): 
This payout and revenue amount will be fixed for duration independent of the quantity of click, conversion, impression or sale. There will be a field named ‘Amount’ where the user will input the value. In Invoices and Reports this will be calculated irrespective of the quantity. If any Invoice is created in between the date range provided for this type the amount will be calculated dividing the mentioned amount with the number of days. In next Invoice the remaining will be calculated proportionately.

Revenue Per Sale/ Cost Per Sale(RPS/CPS): 
In this type of payout and revenue, there will be a field named ‘Cost Percent of Sale’ where the user will provide the percent value which is to be calculated on the transaction amount during creation of invoices.

In this type of payout and revenue, the user can select any of the payout or revenue type (CPM, CPA, CPC) along with CPS. The amount will be calculated by adding both of them.

In this type of payout and revenue, there will be ranges of the absolute payout against which a rate will be provided. For example if a user selects Tiered payout he will be provided with dropdown of absolute payout (CPA, CPC, CPM and CPS). On selecting any of the given options he will be provided with the options to add slabs which will contain the following fields:
• Tier Name
• From
• To
• Rate or Percentage

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