What I Need Men to Understand Before My Daughter Is Grown
Brenna Jennings

It’s a serious crime, and you will get justice. I would like to know the name of your city, and if you could hire an artist to draw all those faces of those boys and men (those who assaulted and/or raped you and/or your close ones physically) and share them, I’ll try to help you identify those faces and try to get them appropriately sentenced. Before that, I won’t even believe in your story. Unless a person physically abuses you (including touching inappropriately) without you initiating it in the first place, they are not guilty, mind it; and you seem to have some awful experiences. If they are just talking shit, it’s their choice, you are free to ignore them. If you’re talking false, then you’re a criminal. It’s a crime to falsely accuse someone and I’ll try to make sure to get you arrested for the same.

I’ve had my share of fake stories like this, and that’s why I support gender equality instead of feminism.

So, kindly share the images of their faces, based on your memory ASAP, and then we will start talking. If you don’t want to, then this article will be deemed as false and you will be setting a bad example for feminists.