Why Capitalism Didn’t Free Americans — It Exploited Them
umair haque

Umair, I do like your writings. Thought provoking. Not a solution to every problem, but an acknowledgement of the problems, which must surely be the first step towards social transformation.

Some on here claimed that Umair did not provide an alternative. But he did. Maybe not the best ever (who knows what the best is) but certainly an alternative. He mentioned Canada and Western Europe, which can be interpreted as a form of social democracy.

There is an expression in Bengali called “kupomonduk”. Literally translating to frog in a well, what it means is that people who remain perpetually surrounded by a limited reality cannot see beyond it. I suppose people who have lived forever in America and never taken any other part of the big wide world seriously would have this “frog in a well” existence, where they think their version of capitalism is the only model, and therefore the best.