Arnabhik NLP API Framework 1.0

A lot of developers ask us about our search Tech & access to our NLP API Services, which powers our Current underlying Search & Instant Answer Technology.

We have developed some of the best class Natural Language Understanding & Deep Learning units so far, from Knowledge graph to Ranking & Context Understanding Services to Instant Answers Generated from millions of web-crawled data.

Let say a query like ‘should I go out without umbrella tomorrow’ has the intent of weather and asking if the weather situation will rain tomorrow or not.

We process a lot of queries like that.

We use deep learning to understand the context of the query by extracting valuable phrases & Name Entities from the text, using our learning dataset to find out matches, doing POS Tagging to understand Tokens and Ultimately the intent of the query and then figuring out the solution.

We are now going to take a step further by opening access to our Endpoint NLP API’s to Developers.

The following API Package will Including a lot of context answers predefined and some functionalities from our search index.

The Following will come with the API V1.

  1. Sentiment Detection & Intent of the Query
  2. Name Entity Detection using the large set of Dataset crawled from the Web
  3. The answer’s to the Questions

Like Weather, Currency & Conversion, Dictionary, Similar Meanings, Time, Answers from Wikipedia & Knowledge Graph and many more.

We are also to include search data like Movie, Music, Restaurant, Map, Hotels, Flights & Travel, Health and vertical Searches on the Endpoint API Version 2 & more.

The Endpoint API customizable and can be loaded with Custom Datasets and Compute Answers in a fraction of seconds.

We believe by this API’s we can help developers smart apps that really understand the context, defined by users and can perform and answer accordingly.

The Version 1 API’s are still under development Phase and will be released soon by the end of this year.

The API’s will additionality support a lot of things like Intent Classification to build smart chatbots, context extraction to build smart search system, Neural Network for Custom Image & Video Recognition, and more.

Stay Tuned to know more!

Thank You,

Abhik Saha

Written by

Entrepreneur | Information Retrieval | Web — https://arnabhik.com/abhik

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