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Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death of women worldwide. In 2012 there was 1.7 million new cases and more than half a million deaths caused by it. Breast cancer was the cause of death of 25% of cancer cases in 140 of 184 countries and in 15% of cases of cancer among women worldwide.

Screening regularly

According to the CDC, breast cancer screening for the presence of malignant tumors in women 40 to 74 years should be done annually. Now the technology of breast cancer screening push women to a number of unpleasant procedures.

• During the mammography, in which a woman feels like an elephant stepped on her breast, the sensitivity of the survey varies greatly. It is less than 70% for normal breast and less than 50% for dense breast (young women, Asian, etc.), at a price of the test starting from $120 in US.

• MRI worth more than $500 in US, with the average sensitivity of up to 80% but is poorly suited to small tumors in the first and second stages of cancer. This procedure cannot be used for mass screening.

• Ultrasound examination is cheap and affordable for women with low and middle income but has low sensitivity for reliable testing. This method can be used only as a supplement to other ones.

• The biopsy depends on the specific method. Its sensitivity ranges from 50% to 93% but used it mostly after mammography to prove the diagnosis of breast cancer in range from fine needle to real operation to get part of tumor. A biopsy is costly and very unpleasant for women, its one of the reasons why it is difficult for mass screening.

Actually, cancer in the first stage is easy to cure for almost 100% of patients, and the best cancer-screening is to get information from body liquids. Its modern name is a liquid biopsy, with possibility of very high accuracy. It’s simple and quick to use, the same as HIV blood test.

An easy solution

Still, on the market, there is no feasible market product with sufficient level of sensitivity and specificity. But after more than 30 years of research in the field of liquid biopsies using ctDNA biomarkers, the technology for detecting cancer in a small amount of blood was found.

Technology ARNA BC is accurate, easy, affordable and fast. This is the connection of several contemporary techniques using the expertise of the substances, and a unique set of biomarkers, which are used to search for biomarkers of specific cancer’s DNA. Its sensitivity is 95%, and the price is around $100.

According to conservative estimates, ARNA BC will be used for breast cancer screening 118,3 million times a year. It will be able to be used by:

• 25% of women in countries with high income;

• 7% of women in the countries with average income;

• 1% of women in countries with low-income levels.

Unlike other similar solutions, development of ARNA Panacea is completed. Now there only need is the permission of the controller, to make this product available to patients as quickly as possible.