ARNA Genomics has closed Token Sale

February 11, 2018, Moscow, Russia — We are ARNA Genomics, an innovative biotechnological company specializing in the development of blood tests for early detection of cancer and monitoring the efficacy of cancer treatment using blockchain.

Today we announce the completion of TDE. Totally, at the current ETH exchange rate, ARNA Genomics hasn’t reached the Soft Cap of $1M.

“We will not invent math, where we could claim that the project has collected a Soft Cap, we can afford only honest and long-term relationships with our supporters. One of the fundamental value of our company is to build a conscientious and transparent collaborations with our community”, said Egor Melnikov, ARNA Genomics CEO and Founder.

As of February 11th, 00:00:00 UTC we have raised:

  • During main sale in crypto: 387.555 Ether + 0.83625259 BTC
  • In fiat: ~$50K
  • During presale: over $400K dollars

An agreement was signed with the Bancor exchange, which allows to double stated above liquidity.

We are currently in very close discussions with “classic” investors about financing our project in US, however we are not able to disclose more details yet. However, we are not going to cancel our promises we have already made, so we see basically two options:

  1. You decide to return your funds — this will make us sad, but no problem at all! You have every right to do so. In the following 2–3 days we will publish procedure for refund.
  2. You decide to stay with us — then welcome to our family! More details and updates on what we are going to offer are coming soon!

Egor Melnikov added “We honestly understand that this decision of the next round of TDE contradicts some of your expectations. But we still have great ARNA Team and advisors, a synergy of two revolutionary biotech and blockchain systems, and a lot of enthusiasm powered by your feedback and support. We as a team are sharing a very strong belief in success of our mission which is also supported by deep understanding of underlying science together with superior expertise in both blockchain and healthcare industries! We know for sure our technology will disrupt these markets, it is just a matter of time, and everybody who we are talking to is aware that we are not going to stop anyways!”

We messaged all the biggest backers offering to stay with ARNA for the next round. Already talked peer-to-peer with several of them, and get an endorsement of additional round and additional support in crypto.

We’re ready to talk with every backer and discuss the details and conditions of staying together. Please, reply to direct messages and/or contact us through any convenient channel.

In the soonest possible time ARNA Genomics will make additional announcements.