Great news update and more news are coming soon!

Dear friends!

It’s been a while since we sent you an update on what is going on with ARNA project — time to update you on what we have already achieved and what is coming in the following weeks!

Lots of things has happened, so we will try to be brief and not to overload you with details:

  1. Our token is now trading on YOBIT and WANDX! WANDX is a very promising new decentalized exchange and we believe it will very soon become very popular as it is truly distributed.
  2. We have opened our first commercial lab in Moscow. Now everyone is able to get ARNA BC test for tokens OR fiat! For details please visit our ARNA BC website (it is currently only in Russian, we are preparing English version as well).
  3. will start selling our test starting June 1st! This is a medium-size retail genetic laboratories network having their own 7 labs in Moscow and Moscow region and also working with other labs in Russian regions.
  4. Together with the experts from the leading oncology clinics, we have started 2 medical studies which will be completed by the end of summer 2018. Tremendous preliminary results on first 20 blood samples showed that we have 100% sensitivity! Just think about that — ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sensitivity! We are continuing our trials and will keep you updated.
  5. We are thrilled to announce that after 9 months of discussions of the science behind our technology followed by visiting our laboratory in this April Mr. Charles Cantor has joined our team. Mr. Cantor is one of the leading molecular biologist and expert in liquid biopsy worldwide (Wiki). This means a lot to us to have such outstanding expert to believe in what we do!
  6. ARNA is in process of incorporation in the United States. Several investors are showing explicit interest in investing in us at this stage — and we need that funding to pass FDA approval for our test! Also we are actively working on bringing our test to China and India — news will follow!
  7. And last but not least — as we already said earlier, we are keeping our word and selling 1 ARNA BC test for 10 ARNA tokens while in fiat price is currently ~ 140 USD. All tokens received from the sale of ARNA BC tests will be burned. Besides, for each ARNA BC test sold for fiat, we will purchase the equivalent of 10% of ARNA BC test fiat price in ARNA tokens from the market and burn them as well. Thus, ARNA tokens are going to be in short supply soon!

All the best!