How to pass ARNA BC test for ARNA tokens?

  1. ARNA BC test for ARNA tokens is performed only subject to preliminary signup at
  2. You may freely purchase ARNA tokens on YOBIT or WANDX crypto exchanges as well as on other exchanges as tokens get listed.
  3. Payment with tokens is performed after you provide your sample but before you receive results.
  4. Before transferring ARNA tokens to the wallet stated below please send to address of the wallet you are transferring tokens from. Please also include full name and date of birth.
  5. ARNA tokens should be sent on Ethereum network to the following wallet: 0x18676D6755ddd08FD11405086260769D49E3C601
  6. Commission for token transfer is paid by sender so please make sure you have enough ETH on your wallet before performing token transfer. Exact value of commission is defined by Ethereum network but usually does not exceed 1.0–1.5 USD equivalent.
  7. Test for tokens may be performed only once in a year.
  8. In case of positive result (Кс≥1.3) further screening on ARNA Genomics account is not performed, however all informational support is provided.
  9. Results of ARNA BC test will be sent to the email address provided in p. 4.
  10. Received ARNA tokens will be periodically “burned” using burn function of smart contract.