Education: A strategic policy for United Nation considering globalization

I personally think Education is something strategic for United Nations. And as strategic should be discussed as a global issue. In the last 10 years we have job places moving from USA and EU to China. This happens not just because of economy. For sure producing in China is perhaps 20 or 30 cheaper than producing in USA or EU. But Chinese population are moving from agricultural era to industrial era, with a big difference from west countries. They have a lot of available workforce willing to rise a single step on their society.

This made me compare China with India or Pakistan. They are similar to China considering poverty and huge population. So why China and why not these 2 countries. I would take the risk to say: because poor people in China were allowed to rise a step.

If you compare the ability of those countries by the evidence of what they have built in the past, you conclude they have similar capability.

The difference may be the Chinese govern determination. May be the, Chinese govern accepted and decided to become the assembly area of whole world following the way some other Asian countries did before them.

So the govern together Industry train (educate?) the population to produce what they need to be produced. When we look to this extreme and compare with USA, may be there is some big difference: rights and union organization to set the workforce income. USA option seems to be service based on high technology.

In a global world (economy) it is necessary to agree which country will do what. Perhaps this is the cornerstone to the next step of global education. What everybody around the world should know? Perhaps English and Math?

In the other extreme I see countries like UK and Sweden which govern seems to tend to some revolution in Education perhaps trying to discover the gift of each young child and then provide experiences to develop the gift. There are so many extremely different situations that perhaps can’t be solved by the way we use to solve problems. Education became a huge problem beside health and social rights.

A single country solution will not match to other countries. I recently watched Sir. Ken Robinson TED talk: Bring on the Learning Revolution! and he put the situation in a very simple but clear way. We have almost no idea what we should do. But we know we need to do something very different from the past. For sure evolution is not what we need in education. We need a revolution in Education.

I use to say that traditional school educate people to be an employee. Now we need to educate people (not all) to be entrepreneur.

We live now in a very challenging era. We know we have a problem. It is very important to realize this. Now we started to think about the problem. May be there are people who already characterized the problem world wide. It is time to share what each one has concluded so we may build a solution adaptable (or customized) for each country around the world.

I share Sir Robinson TED talk link: