How did I manage not to become “rich”

I would like to express my regret for my passive-aggressive language. This is not intended to discourage or dislike anyone/anything. It is just my humble opinion, accept it or do not read it at all.

It has been noticed that people are described as “successful” or”unsuccessful”. Undoubtedly, it is known that you have to be/become only “successful”, that means you have to follow the same success pattern.

What is “success pattern”?
YOU must be rich!
YOU must be cool!
YOU have to marry someone!
YOU have to be brave, outgoing, straightforward!
YOU are the king of this world.

That means I’m not successful in any way.
There are a number of benefits when it comes to “motivational” monologues. But I can see more disadvantages than benefits, to be honest. It looks like these “motivators, lecturers, mentors” are people, who had a hard time growing up as a leader. You read that “motivational” thing and that’s it?
Many young people attempt to show that they are living “millionaire” lifestyle. That they wear the best clothes, they buy the best food, they get money from everything.

It is easy to manipulate characters, who had difficulties in the family, now they are struggling to make money, to find a life-time partner. They have just developed stigma inside themselves. You can show them fake things, and they will still believe it. You can attract them easily, what means you can attract many followers to your social media.

For instance, in Lithuania, everyone knows X guy (he is real, but it would be quite impolite to reveal it), he has grown up in a rich family, education wasn’t his thing, he didn’t even study anything. He always posts on social media what he is doing, he posts everything, has been doing it for a few years. X guy has nothing, everything is his friends or relatives. There was a crypto boom last year, he kept showing on social media that his bank balance is in rising. He posted, if you want to make money, just send me money, you will receive more. Many people did, the majority of people were young.
Another example, he bought a lottery ticket and took a picture with it in the city centre next to a luxurious car.

Everyone cheered him but turns out, the lottery ticket was only 2$ worth.
Needless to add anything

And I could go on and on. But you got the idea.

All in all, just figure it out yourself what you want, consider your goals, are they realistic or are they really your goals?

You don’t have to post that you are rich, you don’t have to be rich. Just don’t believe everything. My idea is not to teach you how to live. Live your own way.