Bring Kindness back to Open Source
Scott Hanselman

For the sake of argument, I disagree:

  1. the purpose of Open Source is not being kind
  2. why to open source specifically? Let’s say that you want to learn scuba diving, do you expect people to be rude with you because you are a beginner?

Of course I got your point and I couldn't agree more. I always thought that “RTFM” does not scale, and when someone ask a community about something, the expectations are different from a search engine.

I have to say that I have never experienced rude people too much, but I had a couple of bad experiences. Some people asked me support for a project (it was on ROS), so I have done some ajustements to help and after that … no news and the project as far as I know has never been published. Now I make sure that projects are truly open sourced before working on them.

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