Prior to Logic Pro 10.0.7 logic themes (also called skins) could easily be installed, swapped and managed using the Theme Switcher app designed by the Cold press group. I am saddened to inform you it has been discontinued since the Logic 10.0.7 release.

But now is time to let up the sorrow: a new theme switcher app is out there and there is much more that comes with it!

LPX Colorizer allows you to import and manage SKINS and Themes, whether created by third-party designers or with the Colorizer app itself (Themes created by Colorizer users can be downloaded here)…

LPX Voice Commander

Producing music efficiently involves a proper workflow. A workflow customized around your studio setup and the kind of audio work you achieve on a daily basis. During your recording sessions, your midi/audio edits and the mixing phase you want to limit dull/repetitive clicks in order to iterate faster (experiments). Navigation scrolls through the timeline (horizontal axis) through tracks (vertical axis) is also time-consuming and markers can only help to a certain extent. Ultimately you want to automate multiple events under one single keystroke. If you merge two events into one, you are now going twice as fast! At the end…

Since the LPX Colorizer came out, there has been a lot of hype around full fledged themes, but not so much about simplistic graphic enhancement of Logic’s appearance. This article will aim to show some of the UI weaknesses of Logic and how LPX Colorizer can fix them. Alternatively, it is also a good introduction to interface customization in Logic. These are my personal favorite and I invite you to share your own ideas on the Colorizer Facebook group.

Track Selection

Do we agree that a bit of neon blue catches the attention a little more?


This post will weigh the pros and cons of both interfaces in terms of design and introduce a way to merge the best of both world to your Logix.

During the past 5 years, dark software and web designs has gained huge popularity, and stand to be the established trend nowadays.

Apple followed the tendency with its audiovisual softwares suite. When Logic Pro X first came out with a new dark skin, users split into advocator and hater groups. This was predictable. Not everybody likes change, especially when it has to do with working habits. It feels uncomfortable. Secondly, not…

You probably realised that some changes occurred in logic pro 10.3, right when you first opened your project , something was off. It looked more digital, simple and brutal. What did happen? You guessed it, they adopted a flat design. And as most users are not usually comfortable with change, it might have been counter productive during the first weeks, but rest assured that adapting your sight to flat design will soon pay off! On my side I saw in that move from Apple, the eagerness to follow the clean and simple design path that Steve Jobs endeavoured so much.

Arnaud Lamy @arnostronaut

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