Logic Pro 9 vs Logic Pro X GUI, burying the hatchet.

Advantages of dark GUI

  • Eye fatigue from video glare is reduced.
  • Colours, when used to convey information like syntax highlighting, are easier to notice.
  • Some medical conditions like photophobia are less aggravated by dark backgrounds.
  • Less blue light could mean less description to the body sleep cycle if using the display in the evening.
  • Light text on dark background can touch the very edge of the container without causing confusion = better use of space.

Advantages of bright GUI

  • Less reflection : even if you are in a bright room, the whites will come through. You wont have to squint eyes with a bright theme, on the contrary a dark theme will act like a mirror. (backlit displays tend to mitigate that phenomenon).
  • More readable in a well lit environment and consequently > less eye fatigue.
  • Easy to read even when the fonts are too small or thin (especially on high resolution monitors)


  • Intensity of the room light
  • Time of the day
  • Type of display

Apple Logic Pro X does not live up to the standard

From left to right : Unity, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Blendr




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Arnaud Lamy @arnostronaut

Arnaud Lamy @arnostronaut

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