Swallowing More Than I Can Chew

Tell me that I can’t do something. Just go on, try it!! I’m not going to take your opinion on it, unless I really take it up.

This is the century of unique innovations, and unorthodox possibilities. An engineer graduate can diversify, and become anything from a professor to a CEO; a college dropout can start from a software company, and leave it to support healthcare and environmental initiatives. Politicians continue to maintain their legal/medical practices, and even a biologist can consider pursuing acting interests in her prime.

Ever since the turn of the century, opportunities are varied, and there for the public eye. Some individuals seek a previously-unheard level of uniqueness to their creations, and with the blend of like-minded novelty fanatics, can sell something that looks implausible at the very start. The core principle behind all these marvels is the spirit of not giving up without a real shot. And, why should we not die trying? What is life, if it is risk-free?

If Sir Richard Branson had not considered a bike ride through the English countryside after college, would we have seen the business class seriously take a company called Virgin? Could we have heard about John Grisham, if he hadn’t taken the plunge into writing about his legal experiences? Probably not, if he had stuck to the Mississippi House of Representatives office he held while writing his first novel.

What makes us remember them? Just their greatest achievements?? Impossible!! They took a different road, and looked to endeavor in the aim to diversify. Who’s to say that their success would be guaranteed, irrespective of the time of their attempts??

Simply put, we can’t take our life experiences for granted. It doesn’t help much, if the predicted path is the one we follow unperturbed. Destiny comes knocking at our door, not the other way around. So tempting fate isn’t too bad an idea. Your idea can be as against convention, as your targets may be unprecedented. Belief in your character makes the challenge really come alive, and targets, thereafter, look smaller in comparison to planning and hardwork.

The spontaneous and open-minded always hold a keen edge in the path to unheralded projects and pipe dreams coming to life. But, even the spontaneous or open-minded get there, when their childhood/youth lets them believe multiple strengths. Or, unknowingly, they are drawn into a world beyond their imagination. That first step calls for a lot, the most demanding step to get unexpected success. The rest depends on the interest levels that are maintained. The balance between work and passion is available to those, who seek to influence, and be influenced by both craft and art.

The best way to sum it up with respect to our pursuits is: eat as much as the heart wants, but the odd excessive bites don’t hurt, as long as your not choking. Till then, give it a try. Swallow more than you can chew!!

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