Scaling Customer Success teams with Ahaan Pandit

Associate Director: Customer Success at Capillary Technologies, tells us how.

Arnav Agarwal
4 min readJul 27, 2023

In a subscription economy, we’ve seen that retaining a customer is 5–7 times cheaper than acquiring a new one. This is where Customer Success comes into play.

In this blog, we discuss Ahaan’s journey as a CSM at Sprinklr, to setting up the team at Outplay, and currently building the team at Capillary Technologies.

#1. Why Customer Success?

The path to Customer Success was not a deliberate choice for Ahaan, but rather a serendipitous discovery. He stumbled upon this field while working in Key Accounts management. Initially unaware of the term, he found himself drawn into the world of Customer Success when he joined Sprinklr and eventually embraced it as his career.

#2. Personal Values and Their Impact

Empathy is a core value that differentiates Customer Success managers from bots or AI systems. The ability to understand and connect with customers on an emotional level is something only humans can provide. Additionally, the importance of helping others without expecting immediate returns has shaped the leadership style of Ahaan. His willingness to go above and beyond for customers has not only made a positive impact on his career but has also helped foster trust and loyalty.

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#3 The Role of Customer Success in Organizations

Customer Success serves as a bridge between a company’s vision and its customers. By connecting the company’s story and values with customers, the Customer Success department enables customers to play an active role in driving the company’s success. Retention is a key objective for Customer Success teams, as acquiring new customers is challenging and expensive. By focusing on customer retention and satisfaction, Customer Success contributes to the company’s growth and revenue generation.

#4 Customer Success in Different Industries

While Customer Success may have different names in various industries, the underlying principle remains the same. Whether in the service industry or a B2B SaaS company, the goal is to ensure that customers receive value from the service or product offered. In both cases, understanding the customer’s needs, solving their problems, and providing a positive experience are essential for success.

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#5 The 30–60–90 Plan for Customer Success Leadership

Assuming a Customer Success leadership role requires a strategic approach. The 30–60–90 day plan is divided into three phases: data collection, understanding customers, and execution. Initially, gathering data and understanding internal stakeholders are crucial. Next, focusing on customer engagement and feedback helps identify pain points and patterns. Finally, the plan transitions into executing strategies based on the insights gained during the previous phases.

#6 Adapting to Dynamic Market Conditions

During dynamic market conditions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, adaptability and empathy are key. While the shift to online operations was not a significant challenge for software-based companies, understanding and addressing customers’ emotional stress became vital. Ahaan emphasizes the importance of being understanding and flexible during difficult times — offering discounted rates or flexible payment options to support customers and build trust.

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#7 Key Metrics to track performance

Ahaan considers churn and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as important indicators of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Revenue and Net Revenue Retention (NRR) are also closely monitored, as they reflect the company’s financial performance and customer retention efforts. By analyzing these metrics on a regular basis, Customer Success teams can identify areas for improvement and optimize strategies to drive customer success.

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