Fat Techies Start-up To Get Fit

Things we did wrong

Towards the end of 2014, my good friend Hari and I were doing everything possibly wrong with our diet and workout ( read : no workout ). This included skipping meals, snacking on junk, no exercise or sport and a solid work schedule. While the work was good, our lifestyle was not. Check out our photos which were taken during that time :

Arnav (L), Hari(R)

Moment of realization

After a few treks back then which is the norm when you are in Bangalore, we realized that we were not fit ( yes it took a lot of steps and panting for us to realize that fact :) )

Since it is colloquially said that “70% of the fitness happens in the kitchen”, we decided to eat right. A few weeks into this plan we realized that we can not eat right in our kind of lifestyle and it would be impossible to change it. This made us realize that we need something quick and easy to consume which would also complete the nutritional aspects of a meal.

So just like what a techie would do, we investigated a typical healthy breakfast and our unhealthy evening snack which comprised of :

a. Light breakfast which we typically skipped ( and healthy ) : Upma, Idli Sambar

b. Evening snacks which we binged upon ( usually Unhealthy ): Samosas, Chaat, Vada Pav and many many more

So the answer was clear : We needed a healthy & easy to consume meal to suit our lifestyle.

This lead to us getting a good friend and true foodie at heart, Vivek, on-board in a quest to build the meal ourselves. After multiple experiments, iterations and consultations….we were getting somewhere.

And Tada…

Sipmeal was made using natural ingredients and has the requisite Food Safety (FSSAI) certification. You just have to add milk or water and consume it. It was available in a 100g pouch. We replaced 3 out of 7 days of our usual breakfast with Sipmeal to gradually allow our bodies to adapt. And then occasionally consumed it during snacks as well.

A few months later…

Arnav(L) and Hari(R)

This transformation was the result of :

a. Healthy Meals : Not skipping breakfast meals and avoiding junk by consuming Sipmeal, and regular lunch and dinner.

b. Exercise : Few hours of cardio workout in a week

We were definitely very happy with the progress we made and wanted to take Sipmeal to the next level. There were 2 major improvements we had to incorporate :

a. Ease of use : Sipmeal had to be poured into a sipper to mix with milk or water.

b. Quantity : 100g of Sipmeal felt like a full fledged meal and it was not possible to consume that much in a single sitting.

So we worked on the feedback and Tada again :

Sipmeal in the new 50g-Mix ’n’ Sip pack

Sipmeal : Your healthy meal on the go

All you have to do is add milk or water in the same bottle and mix ’n’ sip it — it is that simple. Now you don’t need to worry when you don’t have access to a healthy meal around.

You can purchase this product from here( ships only in India )

In case you are curious, following is the nutrition comparison of Sipmeal with healthy Indian breakfast ( 320g Upma )and India’s most savored snack.