Arnold’s Self Introduction

Good afternoon there! My name is Arnold Taremwa. and I am an aspiring Andelan. I have been fascinated by technology for the longest time, and I am shaping my life to have the ability to utilize its practicality in my daily life. I completed my undergraduate studies in geology at Makerere University Uganda, and have made my self busy solving geographic problems since then. When I am not working, I am either reading a book or playing football.

I incoporated programming into my daily routines almost a year ago, and have been so enthralled by what I have achieved since then that I plan to keep learning the craft for as long as I can.
I believe Uganda, my home country, and Africa as a whole, can benefit tremendously from engaging more with technology in the global community to solve its many problems.

With the advent of free internet learning resources, ever cheaper computer systems, I believe we can train many more Africans for much cheaper, about computer science and have more contributers to build up the field and enrich the continent. This is my ultimate goal as I learn software development, to share what I have learned and make Africa more active in the global tech industry!

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