Day 3: Andela Bootcamp

Hours on end solving programming problems has been an interesting experience thus far. I've never met the people I chat with everyday about our immediate coding challenges, but they feel ever more familiar.

Today, I dabbled in web APIs, which I have rarely encountered on my typical day. One thing this coding marathon has taught me thus far is to be flexible in your way of thinking. Being encouraged to solve problems you have encountered before but with a different approach i.e. continually testing code, version control, was a labouring task for me in the beginning. But eventually it starts clicking and you realise why teachers stress about following proper procedure when writing code.

Discovering a problem when you have changed a facet of your design is almost instantaneous, and modifying existing functionality is a breeze because of the modularity of the project structure. What seemed like overkill and arresting development now feels like the go-to way of things. I can’t imagine writing a program without first making tests any more!

I am still tryng to come to terms with this new way of thinking, but as they say, “fake it till you make it!”

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