Facing Challenges

Another day at the boot-camp, another jolt to my expectations. One is never fully prepared for what assignment they are about to receive. At least for me… Andela makes it a habit tackling new things all the time. 
Week two of the Andela boot-camp entails more of the challenges I have been solving previously, but now on-site! The day started with the exchange of a few pleasantries at the premises, and I am immediately introduced to an engaging Andelan morning activity where everyone takes a walk through the morning sun, and do fun team exercises to get the muscles loose. Not a bad way to start your work. The fellows I was chatting with all of last week are in one room with my finally. It is fun meeting the team in person.

I am in the final week of the Andela boot-camp, and it was been an exhilarating experience so far! The challenges and assignments the aspiring Andelans have faced been quite the test so far, but it seems they were saving the best for last. 
I am required to build a fully functional application this week, that should be up to par with world standards. The requirements list looks dizzying if I try consume it as a whole. I should focus on eating this meal one chomp at a time.
I have faced many challenges during this whole process that I have not been prepared for. Whenever I am faced with a problem that I have no idea how to solve, my body instinctively goes into panic mode. Its a few minutes til I can calm my whirlwind of thoughts to acknowledge that it is not an impossible feat learning what is required, and basically confronting the task head on, armed with Google and unfaltering commitment. 
Accepting that you are lacking is the first step. If you cant see past that, you’ll never overcome such a challenge.

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